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What is the difference between a custom training plan and 1:1 coaching?

Both begin with a consultation and completion of an athlete questionnaire. However, with the custom training plan we will develop a full 12-16 weeks of training for a specific race/goal/distance, release it to you through the VDOTO2 platform, and then our relationship will end. You will be free to complete your training on your own and make your own decisions about adjustments. 

With 1:1 coaching we will develop an overview of a plan and release it to you 1-2 weeks at a time and provide unlimited communication with your coach through email and text, an optional monthly phone call, regular feedback and adjustments to training as needed. We include a strategy call prior to your race and quarterly goal planning sessions.

Why do I need to start with a consultation?

The consultation provides an opportunity for you to ask questions and decide mutually if Spark Running is a good fit. We'll discuss and decide what type of service is best for you and start dates. This is a journey and we take helping you pursue your running goals seriously.  Once we've talked and you are ready to commit, then we'll ask you to take the time to complete an athlete questionnaire, sign a waiver, etc. 

What if I have to pause or skip a month or two of coaching?

We understand there are many of reasons you may have to put coaching services on hold (e.g. serious injury, financial, moving, etc.). We will work with you to figure out the best way to handle the situation (e.g. flexible payment plans, pausing coaching, switching to cross training, allowing a cancellation). We just ask that you are honest and provide notice as soon as possible. 

What if I don't have a GPS watch?

A GPS watch is preferred but not required. If you are ok with carrying a smart phone while you run you can record with an app like Strava which syncs with VDOTO2. If you prefer not to use tech when you run, you'll at least need an analog watch and have to record your training time and distance manually in the VDOTO2 app. This will make it more difficult to determine mile splits but we can work with average pace. 

How do you accept payment?


Currently, we accept credit and debit cards through our recurring payment system, Square. We will send you an initial invoice and then charge your card on file. For run basics consultations or any merchandise we charge a one-time payment. 

Do you offer any generic training plans?

At this time, we only offer generic plans for military physical fitness tests to help our active military clients improve their 1.5-3 mile run times. Those are available through VDOTO2 Marketplace with a link from our training plans page. 

Can you run with me or coach any workouts in person? 


If you are local to the Boise area (Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Star), we accept a limited number of clients for once weekly in-person sessions. We will coach you but not run with you. These sessions are $59 each and Coach Shaina will schedule with you directly once you've selected your 1:1 coaching subscription. 

Do you work with people under 18 years of age?

We do work with people under 18 years of age but on a limited basis and with parental consent to our Waiver / Agreement. We work with older teens who are joining the military and want to prepare for running in physical training. We encourage high school or club athletes to work with their track and cross country coaches but will consider certain circumstances where we might work with high school youth (14-17) during their off-season or youth who want to run community races but are not part of a team. 

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