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Hello! My name is Shaina and I'm the owner and head coach at Spark Running. I'm am a runner, peak bagger, and all-around outdoor lover living in Boise, ID. 


I'm a former Army Officer turned public health communicator and now full-time certified running coach. Running has been a consistent presence in my life since junior high track--about 21 years to age myself.  I competed in cross country and track in high school and never looked back continuing to run and race throughout the years. I love the competition and pushing myself as much as I love the time spent outside, the community, and the mental and emotional benefits.

Over the years, I've run every distance between 400m and marathon. Even the odd ones like 8k and 10-milers. The 5k is my secret passion and I've spent a few years working down to 18:58, but I also love the grind of 26.2 miles. I'm an eleven-time marathoner including Boston, Chicago, and New York City with a 3:05 personal best. For any veterans out there, I proudly left the Army with an 11:55 2-mile time. 

I'm inspired by the human spirit, especially the passion of amateur athletes and I love working with runners of all experience and ability levels. I've helped Soldiers pass 2-mile physical fitness tests, young girls run their first 5k, and more than a few adults complete their first marathon. 

I believe that everyone who runs is a runner but doing the work is more important than the label. Running should bring more joy than pain, it should improve your life, and fit into your life.


My philosophy 

  • Each runner needs individualized training to achieve their best. There is no one-size-fits all in running.

  • It is important to have goals in mind and a plan to work toward them but just as important to to be flexible and adaptable. 

  • One workout will never make or break a race, it's the body of work and the journey to the finish line.

  • It's important to run and experience a variety of paces and 5k runners will do long runs while marathoners will do speed work

  • On that note, I support switching gears between training cycles and encourage marathoners to consider running shorter races too.

  • A page out of the RRCA handbook, training programs should be periodized with planned cycles of intensity and recovery. 

  • Base build, strength build, Long intervals, short intervals, race/peak, recover.  


Whether you need accountability and motivation, someone to take out the guesswork, or the expertise to whittle away at PR, I am here to help. I look forward to potentially work with you to set and pursue your running goals! I believe together we can expand your view of what's possible. 

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