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Training plans built for your specific goal provide personalization you won't get with a pay-and-print plan. Based on a detailed questionnaire the plan is tailored to your experience and needs. Once we release the custom plan through VDOTO2 it's up to you to execute! This is an affordable option for self-starters who just want to take the thinking and planning out of training or need some help to take their training to the next level. 

Each Plan includes:

  • Initial Consultation

  • Athlete Questionnaire

  • Personalized Daily Training for Length of Plan

  • Online Training Log with VDOTO2

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Custom Plan


Great for 5k through Half Marathon depending on your current fitness and experience.


Let's talk!


Custom Plan


Ideal for a Half Marathon or Marathon depending on base mileage and your goals.


Let's chat!


12-Week Military Physical Fitness Test Prep Plans

Available to purchase and download through the VDOTO2 Marketplace. Requires creation of VDOTO2 account.

Each plan has 3 dedicated training runs + varying weekly mileage and paces depending on your fitness level. 

Air Force / Navy /   

1.5 mile Run



2 mile Run 


Marine Corps

3 mile Run


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